Useful and fun community events you can try

6 Jan by admin

Useful and fun community events you can try

Community events are a great way to bring bigger groups of people closer together. Local events can bring a lot of positive energy to the society around you, can help you get in touch with your neighbors and can even be used to raise money for the charity and for those in need. Think about various ways you can organize a community event and what you can do to make it the best possible.

Play some gambling games to raise the money for the charity

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to host a poker party for your neighbors or organize a pool night with your friends, think about it as a great way to donate all the money to the charity and help those in need. Those who enjoy playing bingo online and use promotions such as the Heart Bingo promo codes will enjoy playing them in real life as well. Various card games, Bingo or lotteries can be organized among neighbors and can serve as a trigger to the rest of the society – raise the awareness of a bigger group of people by offering them a fun poker night with a good cause.

Have a sports night

If you are a fan of watching sports, this community event can be a great way of keeping your neighbors entertained for a longer period of time and getting to know more about their favorite teams and games. Notify your community that you will be hosting a sports night at your place, make snacks and get to know your local society by watching everyone’s favorite pastime.

Host a movie night

Everybody enjoys watching a good movie while snacking on popcorn and drinking sodas. Organize a movie night in a local church or a school, or, dare to put a projector outside, under the stars. Choose an old classic or a famous blockbuster, or set a dress code for the night – for example, if it is Halloween or Christmas, tell everyone to wear an appropriate costume or make some snacks for the event.

Organize a quiz or a trivia night

Trivia questions, general knowledge quizzes, and logic games are a great way to entertain a local community. The hardest part of hosting a quiz night is thinking about all the questions and answers to them. Browse the Internet, look for questions that might be interesting for your neighborhood, or organize a True or False quiz about your community – hours of fun are guaranteed!

Hold a yard sale

Is your garage full of old, unnecessary things? Do you have some old clothes that you don’t wear anymore? A yard sale is just what you need – gather the entire neighborhood in your yard, offer them some of the stuff you don’t need and hang out with them. It is a great chance to mingle with your local community and to earn some money. Later, you can choose to donate all the income from the yard sale to charity and to those in need.

Food festival/Cake night

Another great idea is to gather all the great cooks and bakers from your street and hold a food festival. Everyone loves a good bite and it is a great chance for you to get to know your neighbors. You can even have judges at your event, who will vote for the best dish or cake.

Hold a hobby show or an arts and crafts festival

In every community, there is a huge number of hidden talents, all they need is a little push. Arts and crafts festival is a great way for such talents to emerge, and a hobby show is a fun opportunity to find all about various hobbies that your neighbors might have – you might even spark an interest in some of them, too!