Sports Betting Companies Marketing Efforts

28 Dec by admin

Sports Betting Companies Marketing Efforts

Sport betting companies, like any other service providers, need a sound marketing strategy in order to constantly acquire new customers, raise their reputation and improve visibility in the marketplace. In what follows we will look at some marketing techniques sports betting companies should use to promote their services.

Traditional marketing techniques include offline activities like participating at specialized conferences and trade shows, face-to face engagements and all forms of offline advertising (newspaper/magazine ads, banners, etc).

Gambling-themed trade shows are perhaps the perfect opportunity for betting companies to come together, mingle and exchange new ideas, besides truly targeting their niche audience.

In today’s world, however, modern gamblers tend to use the Internet a lot more than brick-and-mortar venues to bet on sports, so online marketing techniques are more important for betting companies that want to see growth and an increase in profits.

First and foremost, the company’s website must be carefully designed, catchy, and easy to use. The website basically represents the identity of the company and carries their message to their online audience. Take an example of the Tropicana sportsbook promotional site where everything is clear from the get-go.

A thoughtful strategy when creating/optimizing the website should also include search engine optimization techniques to ensure the content reaches the right audiences. Well-written and useful content, with keywords and good structure, is sure to attract the targeted customers.

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to have a customer acquisition strategy in place to constantly bring in new depositing players. For this to happen, there are some techniques that have proven successful like enticing signup bonuses, banners on advertising networks, partnerships that involve the publication of reviews by affiliates on the products and services on offer.

Also, a good retention technique will surely pay off, with great customer service, different loyalty bonuses, a points program, and more.

Other promotional efforts recommended for sports betting companies include broadcast advertising on TV/radio, direct and 3rd party email communications, and online pop-ups on other websites. Additionally, pop-ups on mobile sports betting apps promoting improved odds and “free” bets offers are also useful to get the attention of potential bettors.

If we’re talking about a specific sporting event the betting operator wants to promote, it is advisable to generate topical content way before the event itself, as search engines usually take 3 to 12 weeks to find newly created pages, so you need to give them plenty of time to be indexed by search engines.

Another way to promote betting services is to allow other websites to use content from your site as long as they provide a text link pointing back to your site. Similarly, you could also post content from other sites and use plenty of keywords to increase the chances of your article to be found in search engines.

Joining specialized forums and making a habit of posting regularly is also a good way to promote your services, simply because you can add your signature at the bottom of the post, and said signature can include promotional texts and even text links.